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Scrap collection

Scrap collection 1 Scrap collection 2 The scrap collection and the recovery of damaged cars and spare parts are carried out by Autodemolizioni Signor in full compliance with environmental safety standards and the laws regarding wrecked and decommissioned vehicle handling.

The transportation of wrecked cars is carried out by authorized vehicles picking them up directly from the customers. Included in the dismantling procedure, our company also offers PRA cancellation service (Public Motor Vehicle Registry).

If you are looking for car engine spare parts, by contacting Autodemolizioni Signor you'll find a large number of high quality certified parts.

The company allows customers to replace any damaged part of the vehicle providing excellent quality/price ratio. The lifespan of your car will be extended, possibly postponing by years the need to buy a new one.


TEL. +39 0422 608225
FAX +39 0422 612063